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About a year ago I started a self-hosted WordPress site for my firm. The problem was that most of the books that I got were not very intuitive. I would fumble through the WordPress Documentation which in itself was written well but in a plain vanilla way. So it made retaining information hard since there was a lack of visuals and footnotes for references. Then came Head First WordPress which was a great book for a guy like me a business marketer/graphic designer who does not have a lot of experience working with CMS (Content Management Systems) or Blogging Software.

Head First WordPress is designed to help you learn concepts and ideas fast and shows you visually what you need to do. The book designed is intentional because the layout is designed to stimulate your mind into learning new concepts and retaining them as well. I enjoyed the book because as you see in my blog I was able to implement many of the concepts that I learned into my blog. In fact this book is my WordPress Bible.

I would recommend this book for business people, creative people for anybody that really needs to learn WordPress easy and yet not be bored in learning a technical subject. I like the book because it was easy to grasp and it made learning fun especially with the visuals which helps reinforce certain concepts that you need to understand when it comes to stylesheets and other HTML markup language. As a business marketer it just makes my job that much easier, as a graphic designer with a coding background, I am glad that I do not have to labor over code like I use to some years back. So if you need a good WordPress book, I say get the Head First WordPress from O’Reilly and learn how to be a WordPress rockstar!

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  1. toasty redhead Says:

    I never thought of it that way, well put!

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